Civil War Memorabilia from Corinth, Mississippi

Military Warehouse in Corinth, Mississippi, carries a wealth of Civil War memorabilia for history buffs and military enthusiasts. From fine dinnerware to
military replicas, there is something for everyone to appreciate.

Plate Sets

We are proud to offer the “puppy foot” style US state plates. These may be purchased with the single prong oriented to the left or right, so please specify when ordering.

Buttons & Buckles

Actual artifacts from the proper time period are utilized when making these replicas. Feel free to give us some feedback or suggestions regarding these pieces.

Tin & Brass

These items are made primarily from tin, in the tradition of the Civil War era. You'll also be able
to have the Union or Confederate insignia added to the items. Ask about gauntlets, finials, and
brass hardware.


We currently have Isaac & Campbell™ knapsacks, otherwise known as "trotter" knapsacks. These well-known pieces are patterned after examples recovered south of Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Contact us in Corinth, Mississippi, for additional information about our Civil War items.